South Aus Part 2. by Nick Green

All words & Photos by Nick Green (instagram)

Surf trips can be a funny one.. You spend so much time and effort into chasing waves and you never really know if its going to actually be worth it. You can research the right conditions, study the forecasts, constantly check reports but at the end of the day you’re dealing with the weather which ultimately you have no control over at all.

"Too be honest, i was a little nervous going into a 1 month trip to South Oz to chase waves.. "

I kept imagining the ocean being flat for weeks on end or the wind being onshore.. what would we do if there wasnt any surf?

After all where we were going was in the middle of no where! But i was pleasantly surprised by how the surf trip actually turned out to be just a trip with surfing. Its been a few weeks since we were in South Oz and looking back, the moments that i think i enjoyed the most and the memories that i will remember the most were the in-between moments.


Hanging out at the pub after a good surf while everyone was frothing on their waves, or sitting by the campfire watching the shooting stars above us with nothing but the crackling of the fire or the soft acoustic sounds coming from the portable speaker. 

Its the combination of these moments together that make the trip worth remembering, it also helped that we scored pumping waves almost everyday.

- Nick Green 


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